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Ziad Al-Turki

In 2005 when we launched the first Saudi International Squash Tournament none of us involved dreamed of reaching the level of success this tournament has achieved in such a short span of time. We were merely eager to bring the sport we loved to the country we loved.

By the grace of God, and the help of all our sponsors, we were able to rise in four years to levels others took many years to accomplish. Saudi Arabia became the lead country pushing the World Squash Tour to new levels. We have in the past two years set new historical prize funds never seen in squash before. We also set new standards for tournaments for others to follow. We were able to show the world that Saudi Arabia can compete on the International Front in a major sport just as any nation can.

We are also proud of the achievements we had in developing young talent in Saudi Arabia. Since the start of the Saudi International we aimed at using the event as a platform to encourage young Saudi palyers and to attract professionals to help develop young Saudi potentials; either by bringing them to coach in Saudi Arabia, or by sending our players internationally to train in special training camps organised specifically for the young Saudi player and his specific needs.

We began to see the fruits of our labour last year, when for the first time Saudi Arabia had a top three finish in the Arab League Championships, taking second place overall, and also taking second place in the GCC Finals.

I am also proud to say that I have been appointed as the first Arab to chair the Professional Squash Association with my appointment as Chairman last October.

The meteoric rise of squash as a spectator sport and an entertainment will continue in 2010 when we will host the World Open here in Saudi Arabia. Our accomplishments over the last four years have resulted in us being awarded with the rights to host the biggest and most prestigious event in the game of squash - the World Open.

We are very thankful to all our sponsors who have helped forge a new era for squash, not only in Saudi Arabia, but on the International Front as well, and hope that they and others continue their generous support in the years to come.

Head of the Organising Committee
Chairman of PSA

Alex Gough

On behalf of The Professional Squash Association I am delighted to welcome you to the Saudi International Squash Tournament 2009.

Amazingly we are already in the fifth year of this fantastic event. The PSA players are very lucky to have an event such as this where they are treated so well and I am sure this is why there have been so many amazing matches in this event over the last few years.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be very proud of the main reason why we are all here this week and why we are playing the biggest event on the squash calendar. It is because of one man, Ziad Al-Turki. His passion for the game of squash and his passion for squash’s future success are unwavering and relentless and will, I am sure, be the major catalyst behind us all achieving our goals.

Thank you again to Sunset Beach for their fantastic hospitality and last but certainly not least, we are all extremely grateful to Emad Zirky who keeps the whole event team running like clockwork.

Good luck to everyone involved and I hope you enjoy another fantastic ATCO Saudi International Squash tournament.

CEO, Professional Squash Association
Robert Edwards

When I first met Ziad Al-Turki in his offices in London during 2005, I knew straight away that The Saudi International was going to be a success story -but I had no idea of how BIG a success.

Ziad impressed me greatly in our meeting - his enthusiasm and obvious professionalism shone through. Now four years down the road there have been four mighty tournaments played in Al Khobar and in 2008 it became the biggest professional squash tournament ever played in the history of the game. What an amazing achievement in just four short years.

For the last four years the international sports media have attended the event and sent their reports – pictures and film of the sports action worldwide. The colour and the hospitality of Saudi Arabia have been highlighted & chronicled to millions of viewers and readers in nearly every country in the world.

Mr. Ziad’s input has been simply extraordinary and our game is proud to have him accept the appointment of Chairman of the PSA. This success story is not ending it is simply beginning and will continue to flourish.

All of the players rate this event as the number one Super Series Tournament. A must for the top players who will all enter and a goal for the lower ranked PSA members to improve their world ranking so that they can be part of this special event. Of the four events since we began in 2005 – no less than THREE have decided who would be the world number one player – Jonathon Power, Amr Shabana and Karim Darwish – have all done the double and become the Saudi International Champion and the World’s No 1 player.

The Saudi International has become a beacon of sporting excellence and this year will see that beacon once again light up the skies over Al Khobar as the Saudi International 2009 gets under way in December – the penultimate event before the World Open showcases in Saudi Arabia in 2010 – who would have thought!!!!

Join us again as we continue to raise the standards of sporting presentation – you know that the best of the best will be fighting it out for the ultimate Super Series title…………Champion of The Saudi International Squash Tournament 2009.

Tournament Director
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